Upon finding suitable tenants we will negotiate an acceptable rent, and obtain references. Where appropriate we will prepare the tenancy agreement, arrange to hold one month's rent as a security deposit, and prepare an inventory before the tenants check into the property.

Gas, Electricity and Telephone utilities will be read and arrangements will be made to transfer to the tenant's names. However, it is important that you contact the various utility companies before your departure and in advance of returning to occupy your home, as only you can sign off these facilities.

The above constitutes our "Letting Only" service.

During the tenancy, under Letting only service, collection of rent, organisation of repairs is Landlord's complete responsibility. Landlord directly communicates with the tenants on all matters, relating to his property.

For Letting only service, our commission is 10% of the yearly rent (plus vat if applicable).


Our Letting and Management service includes all the services listed above as well as the following :-

During the period of tenancy, in accordance with your instructions, we will collect and pay your rent according to your instructions. We will prepare an inventory of all furniture at the commencement of and check at the termination of agreement. Whilst the property is being managed by us we will carry out periodic checks, investigate the need for repairs and maintenance, and where necessary, arrange for work to be carried out by a maintenance team.

Whilst we make every reasonable endeavour to contact the owner, we reserve the right to carry out repairs to the value of 100.00, plus vat, without consultations.

Our commission for Letting and Management is 15% plus vat if applicable.


Our Rent Guaranteed Scheme includes all the service items listed above in Letting and Management. In addition, under this scheme, the rent is guaranteed, irrespective of whether or not it is occupied, from the date it is first let. This scheme offers the security of guaranteed rent for the whole of the period of agreement. We will, of course, have to discuss the actual rent with you.

In certain circumstances, we will be willing to pay quarterly rent in advance under the Rent Guaranteed Scheme. We will be happy to discuss this matter in detail with you.

The following applies to our "Letting only" and "Letting and Management services.

1 If the tenant remains in the property for 8 months or longer, there will be no refund of commission.

2 However, where the tenants stay less than 8 months of the original tenancy agreement, the commission is refunded on a pro-rota basis, subject to a minimum fee.

3 Commission refunds are only applicable in instances where the property has been re-let by ABC Letting Management 1 Darren Estate.

4 If the Landlord instructs ABC/Darren Estate to proceed with an offer and subsequently withdraws his instruction, he will be required to cover all expenses incurred by ABC/Darren Estate on his behalf in the intervening period.